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Small. Smart. Full of power.

We have simplified everything that can be simplified. The result is an unparalleled technological revolution that keeps both you and the environment at the heart of our design.

Our Charging Robot will take a place in the power grid of the future and act as a smart electricity valve. A premium electrical vehicle charger at a competitive price, where all you have to think about is the colour of the unit.

Universal 1 X

The Charging Robot is compatible with all types of cars and power supplies.

Colour choice 5 X

We have covers in five different colours. All you have to do to change the appearance of the Charging Robot is replace the cover on the charging box.

Accessories 9 X

Get the most out of your Easee installation with our various accessory products, developed and manufactured in Norway.

International 17 X

Our products are currently sold in 17 countries – and there will be more. Together with our customers, we are shaping the future of electricity.

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Our smart Charging solutions needs smart accessories. Customize your charging experience and EV charger with accessories to fill your needs. All our products are developed in Norway and are designed to withstand harsh Norwegian weather conditions. 

Our commitment A greener tomorrow

We are pleased that more and more people are helping to reduce climate emissions by running on electricity. We at Easee have committed ourselves not to use more of nature’s resources than is necessary.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Norway and will be part of the power grid of the future, a power grid that distributes electricity more efficiently and that utilises existing capacity in the best possible way.