Both March and April was record setting months. In March we delivered a total of 4258 charging robots and an incredible 5060 in April.

We have delivered a total of 15,5k units so far in 2020 and a revenue of 85MNOK. This is close to the same amount of units we delivered in 2019. This is amazing and we are very grateful!

We could be tempted to call it luck, and yes, some of it probably is, but far from everything. We have concluded once again that it is thanks to the extraordinary effort from the great and powerful easee team and all of our amazing suppliers, partners and customers.

We now look ahead and we will continue to raise our standards. There are many exciting things to come and we are really looking forward to share the news with you.


The easee sales team at Power Jørpeland
From the left: Thomas Favang, Dennis Olsen and Caspar Mariero-Klees