It is our mission to optimize the use of renewable energy by unlocking the value of the flexibility of electric car battery charging and discharging process. We aim to enable zero-emission charging for millions of electric cars across all continents by 2030. We will do this by working together with car manufacturers, charge point operators, energy companies, and grid operators to deliver scalable, pure-software, smart charging services that simplify the user experience and monetize the flexibility of aggregated electric vehicle fleets on energy markets.


Mobiflow offers software solutions to manage your charging station. Connect with our software platform and enable services including public charging and split billing. Get more out of your charging station with Mobiflow!


Zerofy is an app that helps you track and optimize your household carbon emissions. With the easee charger integration Zerofy users can track carbon emissions related to charging. Zerofy takes into account real-time CO2-intensity of grid electricity in its calculations.

E-Verve Energy

We focus on providing compliant, quality, cost effective solutions which consider the customers needs.


Automatic electric vehicle charging using excess power from photovoltaic systems


Clenergy EV offers Easee charge point owners or installers the ability to monitor and monetise their charging infrastructure.

Barlows EV

Easy contactless payments.

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