3. – 9. oktober Week 40 – Phishing

This week our focus will be on phishing, and phishing attempts. We have several activities planned for you, with this in mind.

Guest speaker, Christian Espinosa, Thursday at 14-15.00 in the Penthouse in Sandnes or on Teams:

7 Step Secure Methodology

Security awareness is closely related to both leader- and communications skills. And how can we better our communication and cooperation within Easee. This is something Christian Espinosa has agreed to speak about for us her in Easee!! 🥳

He has developed a “7 step secure methodology” that he will share with us. This can give all of us insights in how to improve our leader skills and communications skill, both for use in cyber security, but also other work fields and life in general.

Check your calendar for invite and more information.

10. – 16. oktober Week 41 – Lock screens, password and MFA

This weeks topics involve Lock Screen, passwords and MFAs. “What’s that all about”, you might say. Tune in, between October 10th and 16th, and we’ll tell you.

17. – 23. oktober Week 42 – Updates and shadow IT

Updates are a necessary “evil”, Shadow IT might be described as evil but far from necessary. Let’s focus more on the dos and don’ts this week.

Lastpass and Wine on Thursday, October 20th.

We’ll make the transition into Lastpass as smooth, and delightful as it can be. We’ll get together over a glass of wine, beer or any other cold beverage of your choosing.

Guest speaker, Espen Johansen, Friday at 12-13.00 in the Penthouse in Sandnes or on Teams:

Making security fun through democratized intelligence, gamification and empowerment

Is it even possible!? 🤔 Let’s hear the passionate Espen Agnalt Johansen’s experience on the topic!

Espen will share his experience from Visma, where they have focused on the interpersonal aspect of the security culture when establishing a strong international security organisation. 💝

Check your calendar for invite and more information.


24. – 30. oktober Week 43 – Security Summary

Let’s recap the learnings from the last month and summarize Easee tribute to the national security month.

On Thursday October 27. from 16.00 to 20.00, we want to invite you to an evening full of fun, and creative problem solving.

We open the evening with a speaker and an exciting show to set the mood.

You will all be divided into teams and get to play the part as detectives. The objective will be to find hidden clues, encrypted messages, and secrets.

Each participant will be placed into teams of 5, with a nice prize for the winning team!

If you can’t attend the physical event, no need to worry – the event will be streamed.

Where? Your local security champion will provide more information soon, but we can promise food, snacks and drinks on different locations. All you need to do is bring your laptop and a curious mind!

Secret launch, say whaaat! Better not miss out on this months People First meeting.