We have found common ground with one of the most interesting sporting families in the world. Although on different arenas, we have tapped into a universal recipe for success and our goal is to utilize the full potential of this partnership.

We had the pleasure of meeting Gjert and Jakob Ingebrigtsen for the first time on a rather warm summer day in 2020. It started off as a possible source of inspiration. Their story had been told through national and international TV – and the audience is exposed to a raw and honest truth about an untraditional family working together towards impossible goals. Driven by an undisputed focus to push for better and achieve what most say is the unimaginable. They had heard about Easee, the eldest son in the Ingebrigtsen family had chosen Easee for his own home.

The beginning of our conversation was all about getting to know each other. They were crystal clear on their philosophy. Only working long term and with partners – not sponsors. This happened to resonate well with our own way of establishing external relationships.

The point where we all realized that there was something special between us became clear when Jakob said: People think we achieve what we do because we are talented. That we are different in a way, which makes it easier for us to perform like we do than “them”. It could not be further from the truth.

Suddenly, we felt like we had talked about this before.

The founders of Easee have always talked the same way about “luck”. Its so lucky that you created the greatest EV-charger in the world. Its lucky that you managed to land that particular partner, lucky that the EV-industry is booming. The list goes on.

The following discussion was quite amazing. The same universal truths were behind our different successes. Hard work pays off. Long term planning and attention to detail matters. Focus on what works and learn from what doesn’t. Stay true to the family.

As an attempt to convey this message and proudly announce this partnership – we created a film. Sit back, and enjoy – the future of electricity.

Movie made by Moxey