When talking about the future and the global electrification of our society, there is often one very important group that seems to be forgotten. The group that is connecting both dots and the wires – to make it all flow seamlessly. Nothing would be possible without the capable hands of the electricians – with their unique knowledge and expertise. At Easee we pay tribute to the hard-working electrician who keeps us safe, warm and connected.

We want to recognize the everyday heroes for the amazing job they are doing – every single day in all parts of our society. That is why we have an immense focus on the installers when we design our products, solutions and services. We know that it cannot just be simple to use for the end consumer – it has to be simple and efficient to install for the electricians as well. Safe, smooth and easy to work with.

Our latest solution makes the world’s easiest EV charger-installation even easier. Our everyday heroes deserve love, support and top of the line technology. We have therefore created the Easee Installer App – a unique app that is making their life easier and more seamless while saving time and money.

With this video we would like to show gratitude to our installersbecause positive energy has a tendency to spread ❤️🎥