We are halfway through the year, and what a year it has been so far. The World has faced one of the most challenging situations for many years, and we have still not seen the end of it. As many others, we did not plan for a pandemic, and we – as many of our customers and end users – felt the insecurity and fear that arose in March, April and May.

We made some changes to increase our financial security and increase our liquid assets, to ensure that we could withstand a long period of reduced income without affecting the lives of our beloved staff. We worked hard to source and secure components to maintain production. We kept our focus on our core business, our staff and refused to slow down development of our brilliant products and services.

And the result might surprise a few – we actually saw growth in sales, we were able to hire many new amazing employees in different departments and we have been privileged enough to continue to build a strong foundation for growth.

Before the majority of our staff took summer holidays, we made sure to thank them all for their efforts so far. It is not a given to have so competent people helping us achieve our vision and goals, so it was important for us to celebrate each individual as part of the Easee family. The founders wrote personal thank-you notes and made diplomas to individuals that really showcase our core values and the personality of Easee.

We celebrated with a great BBQ, our own labeled beer and a video that illustrated where we have come from and where we are going. The only downside was that the travel restrictions made it difficult for our international team members to join in on the fun. They were present in spirit.

Our people and culture are the secret ingredients to our success, and we all believe that we are making a difference in the world. Happy people tend to create more happy people. When we create solutions that are easee to understand for the end users and our customers, the installers, the people have to spend less time on micro-annoyances in their everyday life, and we continue to build a stronger and stronger relationship with all our customers and fans.

And now – the figures as we pivot into an exciting fall and winter again.

We have sold over 26.000 charging robots year to date and have generated a revenue of over 140M NOK. Well on our way of achieving the goal of 50.000 charging robots sold in 2020 and a revenue around 250M NOK. The total amount of sold units has surpassed 46.000. Each sold unit will help us in our continuous efforts to improve our existing portfolio and expand with new and innovative solutions.

Our units have delivered over 25.000.000 kWh, granted with a few assumptions, about 42 times the distance to the moon if one had a flying electric space car.

We opened subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands early this year, welcoming Stefan and Marcel to the team. Their start was slow given the circumstances, but we are finally getting some momentum and are hiring talent to build the organization further. Our UK team is growing fast, soon we will go from 2 to 6 employees. We are now over 40 full time employees in 4 different countries, with 7 more amazing people joining us the upcoming months. Every single one of them eager to push every day for an amazing future.

With the wishes of a relaxed and sunny summer, your humble and proud CEO – Jonas