Name: Magnus Haugaasen
Born: 1980
From: Hamar, Norway
Live: Storhaug, Stavanger
Position: Senior Cloud Developer

Meet Magnus
Like the other kids born in the 80’s, Magnus fell in love with computers at an early stage with the introduction of the legendary Commodore 64. When the Amiga 1200 came a few years later there was no turning back for many of the kids of this generation. A true technological love story and a passion that never shifted for a minute!

Fun fact
Im not really into football. However, I managed to buy some black-market tickets to see Boca Juniors play at the legendary stadium La Bombonera. We were placed at the sections reserved for the Boca Juniors Ultras. Well-known to be some of the most violent (and passionate) football fans in the world. Boca Juniors won on a penalty shootout when a random, crying hooligan gave me the biggest bear-hug when the last penalty went in. Frida, my wife to be, was not happy at all with me getting involved. Well, good times!

Educational background
Bachelors degree from Norges Informasjonsteknologiske Høgskole (NITH). Masters degree from Queensland University of Technology.

What is the best advice you have been given?
Try to swim like a dog! How about that for advice? I couldn’t really swim that well when I was younger. In order to achieve medals for swimming certain distances, I obviously had to swim like dogs do.

Do you have a book, movie or podcast that you often recommend to others?
Not really. However, the computer game Hell Let Loose is very entertaining nowadays!

What do you look forward to working at Easee?
Working on splendid technology with great people. I really look forward to Covid to disappear – so that we can have more social gatherings again!

What are you most proud of?
I guess getting to where I am today professionally, being a part of Easee – and of course managing to hook up with a very nice lady, Frida! Super proud!