Name: Veronica Maria Andersson
Born: 1986
From: Varberg, Sweden
Live: Stavanger, Norway
Position: Head of Operations & Projects

Meet Veronica
Born in Sweden on the beautiful west coast and raised on a strawberry farm. Moved to Stavanger for the spectacular views and (almost) never looked back. I started my career in the traditional oil industry as many others. However, I felt compelled to use my precious time on earth to make a difference. A calling to work more oriented towards the future and to the environment. 

People say that I am a doer and get things done, and I can agree with that. Most of all I enjoy working with positive and passionate people. When I am not at work, I spend time with my family and friends, practice yoga or chasing the beautiful sights from the Norwegian mountains.

Educational background:
Master of Science (M.Sc.), Industrial Economics with specialization in both contract management and project management, in addition to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in logistics and supply chain. 

What is the quality you value most in others:  
I value a positive mindset and a warm heart!

What is the best advice you have been given? 
To focus my energy on things that can be controlled, rather than spending precious time and energy worrying about all the areas in which I can’t. 

What do you look most forward to working at Easee?
The fun, passionate and loving people I have been lucky to meet so far. I also look forward to being able to influence the journey with Easee. Both the impact we will have in people’s life, and the environmental aspect which is mind-blowing. I am honoured to be an Easee’er and really look forward to shaping the future of electricity, and not least; contribute to the process of revolutionizing the company-culture of the future. Hopefully Easee can be an inspiration to others.

What are you most proud of? 
I am proud of many things, but taking six months off to help my parents at their strawberry farm was really something. It was not an easy ordeal to ask my employer at the time for a six month leave, but I am so happy and proud that I did. An incredibly hectic time in my life and a new experience – but one I would not be without.

Fun fact
Black belt in Lean Six Sigma and retired podcaster!