Name: Tina Rødland
Born: 1985
From: Drammen, Norway
Live: Stavanger, Norway
Position: Product Manager

Meet Tina
I was born and raised in Drammen and come from a large, extended and modern family, despite being an only child! We all get on well with each other and have really appreciated the exposure to different cultures.

I’ve always had a passion for travelling and really enjoyed my time living abroad in countries like Spain, France, USA and Australia. Since 2011 I’ve lived in Oslo working for Bisnode, a data company that delivers credit, risk and marked data to help clients get insights and make better business decisions. Data, technology and innovation are close to my heart!

I moved to Stavanger a month ago to join the Easee family – where I get to work with my passion on a daily basis. 

Educational background
I have a Bachelor’s degree from BI Norwegian Business School and a Master’s degree at Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I’ve been an exchange student in Sevilla, Paris and Houston and I have also lived in Melbourne. 

What is the best advice you have been given?
Hard to say, but I generally get a lot of great feedback from my family. They have the ability to make me think outside the box, consider things from all angles and finally ending with very useful suggestions and solutions. 

Do you have a favourite quote?
Always strive to be more interested, than interesting. 

What do you look forward to working at Easee?
To be part of something bigger and shaping the power grid of the future. The culture in Easee is unique, where people are so warm and welcoming. I’m looking forward to creating something with this competent group of people and together, not only contribute to a greener world, but also create solutions that will make life easier for our customers. 

What are you most proud of?
That I am adventurous and not scared of trying new things. I know how to defend myself in four different types of martial arts. Through martial arts I learned a lot about discipline and to be humble. Every time I lost a fight, I learned the lesson well, and applied the experience in my toolbox for the next time I would step on the mat. 

Tell us a fun fact!
We own a Twilight Zone pinball machine and celebrated our wedding in an arcade, and then had dinner on an electrical boat in the fjords of Oslo.