The human mind loves comfort. It loves taking the easy route. This can be a good thing, as lazy people have a tendency to find smarter ways of doing things. However, making the easy choices might not always get you closer to your dreams. Often it just makes you stand still.

If you want progression, you need to move. You need to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You need to fight human nature.

Raise your standard

Imagine a thermostat that you set to 30 degrees (your standards).

At first it feels very uncomfortable. After a while your body gets used to it. You adapt. You might need to remove some clothing, but you will find a way to adjust to the heat.

When 30 degrees starts to feel OK, it becomes your new standard and you might decide to increase it further. This is how it goes, until you reach extreme temperatures. The difficult part is actually to stay there over time. To not look down and to not fall down to your « normal » temperature, where it feels comfortable and safe (mediocracy).

When things start to feel uncomfortable we have a tendency to slow down or even stop. It is our brain that tells us that we don’t have control. We are not used to the speed. We are not used to the pain. We are not used to the temperature.

This is totally normal and it is just our « carefully » developed defense system that kicks in. It is developed to keep us safe and away from danger. However, this system is a little bit outdated. It is old. The dangers that it was made to protect us from has gone from actual dangers (animals) to fear of each other. Fear of being judged. Fear of failing. Fear of not being perfect.

It is holding us back. It is preventing us from reaching our full potential.

The positive thing is that when you have gotten used to a new standard, it becomes a part of you and your identity, and you will always do whatever you can to keep it. It becomes a must. And we always get our musts.

The easee way is f*ucking hard

We have experienced massive growth in easee. We are close to 300MNOK in revenue this year, we are 75 people Europe-wide, we ship our units to 12 countries, and we have delivered 70k+ chargers since easee was born in 2018.

Crazy? Yes.

Easy? No.

At easee we talk about People first, love and vulnerability. Does this mean that we go around giving each other hugs and kisses all day?

Absolutely not. Easee wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t practice extreme ownership, constant feedback and if we didn’t constantly push ourselves and each other outside of the comfort zone.

We have to fight fear and doubt, every single day. We have to constantly adjust to the heat. We have to become aware of our bottlenecks and our fears, and instead of giving in to them. We have to find solutions and ways to overcome them. Together.

Increase the heat! Make it your new standard. Repeat.

Your dreams lay on other side of fear, it doesn’t feel comfortable and it never will.

Written with love, honesty and humbleness.