Kjetil Næsje is one of the founders of Easee and the visionary CTO. Making electronics smarter, more compact and 100% safe, has been a passion of his since he was a young boy. Kjetil is one of those people who see the world differently, and he is able to create solutions to challenges that doesn’t even exist, yet. 

The belief in Easee and that we can make the world a better place, drove him and the co-founders to accept a situation with maxed out credit cards and a diet that consisted of sliced bread with butter. Some years later, it is fair to say that the attention to detail and the willingness to go all-in is starting to pay off. 

Safety and the freedom to push forward

The product development and everything we do is always centered around the end customer and a strong will to make the world better. We include both what customers need today and what we know the customers will need in the future. Industry standards are important, but it doesn’t limit Easee to stay within the standards. We always aim to set the new standard, for everyone else to follow. 

Now listen, says Kjetil, safety is what we all are drawn to, isn’t it? As humans we are packed with a whole range of feelings, and we react and live by them. I want people to feel that safe space when they buy our products. That the product is solid as hell and built to last, it should also be fun to use and it should keep you safe. I want the whole journey to feel like that. From browsing – purchase – installation – to everyday use. Safety as number one, closely followed by the ease of use!

Easee Home

Customer value & additions

Kjetil speaks his mind and is not shy of admitting his own flaws or showing vulnerability. He knows the game well and after decades in the tech-industry, and his infinite strive towards customer satisfaction is crystal clear. 

I absolutely love when a customer is satisfied and that we add value that really matters! The fact that we have manufactured and sold 60.000 units in such a short time period is evidence of that. 

He explains further:

As an example of what we do: The industry standard says that you only need one sensor to measure temperatures within the charger – we got 12! These sensors monitor all critical components inside the product at any given time, several times per second. Based on the information it gets from the sensors, the charger makes strictly calculated and automated decisions, in order to keep people safe and the charging speed at max. 

Another example is that we have built-in both AC and DC as ground fault detection for increased safety. The industry standard says that built-in DC fault detection is enough. We added both AC and DC inside the product, and by doing so, we go beyond the standard requirements and we provide full protection – even if the charger is connected to a non-protected circuit. We don’t look too much at what others are doing and we prefer to be the one leading the other. We always push for better safety measures and we are leading by example.

Easee Base

With the whole industry having a responsibility he adds: 

We all have a responsibility in pushing the industry forward, and get our society out of the technological stone age. Fossil fueled cars are old news – not providing full value to either the customer, society or the environment. Rather the opposite to be frank.

Passion for product and the chain

Between the idea and the end product, the Easee team has spent thousands of hours fine-tuning and optimizing both the product and production processes. At one point running out of funds – but never running out of passion. Kjetil looks back and explains:

We have been working so f*cking hard to be where we are today. I don’t take it for granted at all. It has been a bumpy ride, but our belief in what we were doing never shifted for a second. And it paid off. We struck gold with great design, innovative technology, immense focus on safety and the user-friendly setup for both the installer and end-user. 

Easee Charge

Kjetil emphasizes that the whole chain has been under the loop, and every aspect of the value-chain has carefully been carved out in order to work seamlessly together, saying:

You know, we have been through the whole journey of production and delivery so many times I can’t even count. Adding value, looking at smart logistics, packaging, reducing production time and saving the environment of unnecessary resources.

The thousands of hours we’ve spent perfecting our solutions will save our customers for millions of hours. We have been thinking of everyone involved. If anyone still feels left out– let us know, we will always listen!