Rita Bach Omdal has been appointed our chairwoman of the board. Easee is primarily owned by the employees, and there is no better person to represent our collective direction than Rita.

A week after she shared the great news of her pregnancy last winter, our CEO Jonas came into her office. She assumed that it was regarding the practicalities surrounding her maternity leave and was surprised when Jonas shared his thoughts: The other founders and I have discussed. We want to ask if you could be interested in the role as our new chairwoman of the board.

The proposal came as a great surprise. A shock, even. Her experience as COO in Easee and black belted facilitator had given her quite a few hours in the boardroom already. She had the practical responsibility with arranging the meetings, making sure that the board was informed, fed and she kept the protocol. Still, she had to google « what does a chairman do » to understand what it actually meant. After a few weeks, she accepted, humble and proud. The only thing she wanted to ask was to wait until after maternity leave to make it official.

– Rita represents a very important aspect of who we are, says Jonas when explaining the process behind the offer of an added role. He adds: – She is incredibly smart, structured and a person that genuinely wants to make the world a better place.

It’s not common for founders to give away the position at the head of the table of their own company. Easee is different.

“Since we know and trust Ritas loyalty and dedication to Easee’s vision and values, it felt natural for us to ask her. She will represent all of us in a great way and ensure that we can focus on what we do best. We quite literally trust her with our lives”. CEO Jonas Helmikstøl.

Our board adds value when it can remove friction for the organization and help us achieve our audacious goals. We will use the accumulated knowledge to ensure that we make the right choices for our long-term strategies. According to Rita herself, the added responsibility will not change the way the board works and says: – The commitment I have for our culture, people and operation remain unchanged. Our people and our visions come first; I will always stay true to our values. I will represent all of Easee and continue to work for efficient and rock-solid processes.

We are all proud to be represented by such a strong and value driven person like Rita – a role model and inspiration in so many ways.