2020. The longest year ever recorded – consisting of 43 months. A year where everyone suddenly had to learn how to fine-tune their video conference abilities, and where toilet paper became the new gold standard in the global economy.  

For Easee, 2020 has been another year of growth, excellence and development. We have onboarded over 50 new amazing staff members, we have opened subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands. All together we will deliver close to 70.000 chargers to our valued customers this year. Our challenges have evolved and we are blessed with weekly opportunities to practice our values towards finding new and creative solutions.

Enough about 2020. It’s behind us. 2021 and onwards is our focus. We are excited and curious as to what the future will bring. We have our set plan, our clear vision – yet we have seen many times already that our optimistic hopes and dreams tend to become too small – and not ambitious enough! Especially when we have the momentum, focus and capacity.

We have two visions: To shape the future of electricity, and to shape the future of business culture. With these visions combined – we will make the world a better place. These visions consist of two different strings of development. One more product and commercially angled, and the other more human and personal. One is visualized through visionary milestones, the other is constantly evolving within the framework of our beliefs and values.

As a treat to our loyal followers, we want to share our vision roadmap and give a short explanation as to what it consists of. And of course, a movie – sent to us from the year 2065!


Easee was started because our founders saw the need for a safe, universal and good-looking charging unit that was future proof. The EV has gone from secondary to primary car for many, and soon people will have two EVs in their garage. The Easee Home is the only charger you’ll need, now and in the future.

Product development today is about constant improvement and new solutions. Our cloud solution ensures that we can continuously improve our firmware and software through the internet and provide our units with over the air (OTA) updates. Communication is key to map performance, fix potential issues and to give our customers access through the Easee app.

Easee Charge is a more advanced version designed for larger installations. It is the best solution in the market for several reasons, and one key element is the simplicity to scale up an installation. Our Portal will give the operator or landlord a complete overview of consumption, and other relevant site data.

The Easee Equalizer has been launched in Norway and will be rolled out in the rest of Europe during 2021. It acts as a “balancer” between the main fuse and the Easee charging robot. Capacity constraints are now old news. You can better utilize the available power in your home by adding this smart device in the fuse cabinet.

The Energy hub is our take on a smarter usage and distribution of power in your home. It’s going to be super-intuitive and automatic installation of new devices. It will control the consumption of electricity for all kinds of electronics in your house. Saving the household money, while providing an increased level of comfort. The solutions we are working on will be plug and play, and – as everything else from Easee – adds great value. The cheapest and most sustainable electricity is the one that you never use.

Fast charging using DC is one of the key aspects of long distance trips with an EV today. The network of chargers consists of several different operators and they all have their own app, payment model and there’s just not enough of them. But what if the cost of a public DC charger was a fraction of what it is today while providing the same capacity? What if you could have a DC charger in your garage at a reasonable price? Easee DC will be the answer to those and many other questions.

Our vision for the future is summarized in our vision of the power grid. It’s not science fiction – but it’s revolutionary. Smarter utilization of the current infrastructure, fundamental improvements of vital parts in the grid and highly flexible distribution of energy. We believe in a world where every car is an EV. This will have an immense impact on the power grid and the way we use it. Smartness and better control are key elements to fast and low-cost scaling.