We just got an EU Type Examination Certificate for our Charge Lite. This means the tech we build is safe and ticks all the regulatory boxes.

Who is TÜV

TÜV consists of several  companies, such as TÜV Rheinland and TÜV SÜD. While they operate independently, they share the same mission: To serve as an independent third party to inspect, test, and certify products to ensure they meet specific safety and quality requirements. 

They are known to be among the most thorough and strictest in the world, making a certificate from TÜV a highly esteemed quality mark, and a solid confirmation that things have been done correctly. 

An EU Type Examination Certificate is, in short, a thumbs-up from a top-tier inspection team (that’s TÜV for us) confirming that our charger and all its techy details fulfills important European safety and quality standards.

The nitty-gritty

  • Module A: When companies say, “Trust us, our stuff works safely because we
    checked it ourselves.” This is the usual way of doing things.
  • Module B: When an approved expert team (like TÜV) gives it a once-over and
    says, “Yep, they’re right. All’s in tip-top shape!”

Even though we only need to do Module A, we went the extra mile with Module B because your trust means the world to us.

EU-Type Examination Certificate for Easee Charge Lite.

What does this certificate cover?

It’s all about making sure our EV charger Charge Lite is:

  • A-OK for Health and Electrical Safety (that includes sticking to the 61851-1
    charging standard)
  • Satisfying the EMC requirements (making sure it doesn’t mess with other electronic stuff)
  • In line with Radio Spectrum rules (keeping signals clear and consistent)

Why have we done this?

It’s an extra layer of trust: Not only do we know our tech is solid, but now we’ve got an external bigwig (TÜV) saying so too.

All about compliance: We’re sticking to the RED Directive, ensuring our charger is not just efficient but super safe and not interfering with other gadgets.

We’re not keeping secrets: Our documents aren’t just filed away; they’ve been scrutinized and stamped with approval by the experts.

We’re beyond pumped about this news and wanted to share the joy and
assurance this certificate brings. It’s more than a piece of paper; it’s a promise that we’re delivering the safe, quality, and reliable EV charging experiences we always talk about.

A massive thank you for cruising alongside us on this electrifying ride toward a future where every charge is reliable, safe, and EU-approved.