Swiss authorities accept Easee documentation

The Swiss market surveillance authority ESTI, has positively completed the review of the Easee documentation for Home and Charge.

Incoming: Bluetooth for Easee chargers!

The update will give your charger Bluetooth in the near future.

Easee Charge Lite receives confirmation of conformity

We just snagged an EU Type Examination Certificate for our Easee Charge Lite. This means the cool tech we build isn’t just awesome; it’s also super safe and ticks all the regulatory boxes.

This is how our RCD works

Easee's charging robots have a built-in RCD that tests itself at least 365 times a year, so that you never charge without ground fault protection.

Making home charging as easy as getting WIFI

Our partners in Germany, HEIMLADEN, aim to remove the skepticism and barriers around electric vehicles in a car mad country.