(Updated, July 2022) This article as been revised from the original article. See the listings below for more details on available positions in Germany and in our global offices.

At Easee we prefer a work-life harmony over the traditional work life balance. This comes from our culture and focus on being a people first company. So when we’re hiring at Easee, which we usually are, we often take the approach of looking for colleagues who are also interested in this way of life.

Regardless of your background, we also put effort into understanding where you are coming from and where you want to be in your career and your life – that for us, is the true balance of work-life.

When you are starting a new job it can be a massive life changing moment – usually for the better! At the same time you’re probably also leaving a lot behind at a previous employment: the friendly receptionist who always greeted you with a smile, the colleagues you did karaoke with at the Christmas party and those you felt comfortable enough to share your inner thoughts with. Those relationships are worth their weight in gold. We call it a network. 

In a new company we meet a lot of new people. It might be a new friendly face welcoming you in the morning and new relationships will be built. You’ll meet new people who’ll get to know you well: your amazing karaoke skills, your sense of humour and your love of perfectly roasted coffee – at Easee we’ll make sure to welcome you just the way you are.

 A change of employer can also be a signal that you’re ambitious, however Easee is not the right match for everyone. The people who’ll fit in at Easee have to align with our values and be willing to work to become the best version of themselves. To achieve this we need employees who dare to be different, don’t give a “fudge” about routines or what the norms are, and who are curious, eager and gutsy.

To shape the future of electricity and business culture it doesn’t just require designing and building amazing products to inspire generations. It also requires the best people to design, build, market, sale, scale and also support our customers in throughout process. These are fearless yet empathetic people who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We’re Easeetonians, and we’re charging the world. It’s that easee.  

Do you want to be a part of setting the standard of what an employer should be in 2021 and beyond? We’re hiring at Easee and here’s a selection of positions we have open at the moment:  

2022 Angebote in Deutschland: 

👉🏽 Senior Embedded Software Developer (m/w/d)

👉🏽 PR & Communications Specialist (m/w/d)

👉🏽 Werkstudent Bereich Marketing (m/w/d) Team Österreich

👉🏽 Customer Success Specialist für den polnischen Markt (m/w/d)

👉🏽 Sachbearbeiter Auftragserfassung für unsere polnischen Kunden (m/w/d)

👉🏽 Customer Success Specialist (m/w/d) 

👉🏽 Customer Excellence Spezialist (m/w/d)

👉🏽 Elektriker / Elektroinstallateur (m/w/d) – für unsere Teststrecke Wismar! 

👉🏽 Lohnbuchhalter/ Personalsachbearbeiter Entgeltabrechnung m/w/d

👉🏽 Partner Integration Success Engineer (m/w/d)

👉🏽 IT & Facility Specialist (m/w/d)

👉🏽 Initiativbewerbung (m/w/d)

👉🏽 Andere internationale Stellenangebote