Sustainability; More than just a buzzword

Rigmor Haga is our Sustainability Manager in Easee. To her, sustainability means everything. She has worked within the field long before sustainability was a buzzword, and on everybody’s agenda.

Purchase to plug-in in the land of ABBA, IKEA and EFUEL

Sweden is a rapidly developing market for EV’s and green transport more widely. Our partner on the ground, EFUEL, is making sure our neighbours get the support they need to join the journey – from purchase to plug-in.

Happy International Women's Day!

‘Just remember to always take a seat for yourself at the table, because you can do this without pushing anyone else down. That’s the way forward!‘

Embedded Software – En arbeidshverdag i balanse

Vi er bare i starten av det som er på vei til å bli et norsk teknologi- og industrieventyr uten sidestykke. På denne reisen trenger vi flere kodere med oss til vår avdeling for Embedded Software!

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