An Easee way to start your career

Balancing tasks and responsibilities as a student in today's high-tempo and modern society is not easy. If you put work on top of this, it can be even more challenging. But it doesn't have to be, not according to students working in Easee. Let's meet three of them.

Easee working - Anouk Pasmooij

'It is all about giving each other personal attention. Only by engaging in this conversation with openness and honesty you can learn what is really going through your employees’ minds'. Read more on how Anouk Pasmooij experiences our People First business culture.

Easee working – Kwaku Boateng 

"There must always be pioneers. Innovators who dare to break the patterns. When this proves to be profitable in the long run (both financially and personally), companies are bound to embrace this new way of doing business." Read more on how Kwaku Boateng experiences our People First business culture.