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Do you want to get S***t done? Are you motivated to become a better version of yourself? We are looking for an English/German speaking everyday hero who would love to kick ass in integrating partners!

People first, money follows! In every relationship, in every interaction, this is the mantra we live by. We create a workplace where people are seen and heard, and where everyone has the freedom to be themselves. To succeed, we need good, empathetic people who love to see others succeed. Whether we are collaborating with each other, interacting with installers or even in meeting with our partners, putting the people first is of the utmost importance. This is the mentality we are looking for in our new Partner Integration Success Engineer.


Getting the opportunity to take part in shaping the future of business culture is for me, a dream come true – making sure that people feel safe, seen, heard and appreciated is our number one priority – and we work every day to minimize the gap between our cultural vision and the actual experienced Easee culture.
Siri Raustein – Event & Merch Manager


We’re looking for an English/German speaking integration hero who would love to help existing and new partners integrate, improve the onboarding and find new sales channels through integration partners. In doing so, you need to have a good understanding of electrotechnical systems and be a bad ass at customer support! 💪🏼 Being a part of the Technical Integration team in Wismar allows you to help others succeed and feel seen and heard. This is important to solve problems, and ensuring our colleagues and partners receive the best possible care. In this role you can do cool things from learning how the Easee technology works, to interacting with the outside world and how to solve their challenges and problems.


You will get:

  • As we like to see others succeed, we must look into ourselves. Working at Easee is not for everyone. You need to commit that you want to become the best version of yourself
  • The freedom to balance your valuable time. But be aware: it’s no walk in the park, this requires extreme ownership. We expect you to be mature enough to handle this freedom
  • The chance for you to become an expert in EV charging infrastructure
  • To revolutionize the energy market by working on user-friendly technologies
  • The opportunity to grow with individual support for professional and personal development
  • To work for the fastest growing start-up in Norwegian history
  • Access to our in-house Easee test lab


With us you are going to:

  • Improve the onboarding and integrations of partners together with Partner Integration squad developers, service designers and technical writers
  • Provide value with additional services to the integration’s domain.
    • Value in terms of business opportunities/increased revenue
    • Value for the customer in terms of new services that they can offer their customers.
  • You are responsible for creating and managing a system that acts as a filter for the team to support development and customer excellence with all integration requests
  • We would be happy if you bring in your own ideas. Our laboratory with a test line is available for all practical tests, feel free!

Your background

We believe that you can learn anything you want if you are motivated and eager to get s***t done! With us, potential is more important than experience, and we place personality, commitment and skills higher than long CVs and formalities. As a Partner Integration Success Engineer in Easee we believe customer support is in your DNA 🧬 and electronic technical skills at your fingertips🖐🏼.


About Easee

There were three brave entrepreneurs in Norway that had a dream: making life easier by creating an ecosystem to distribute our limited energy in a smarter and more sustainable way. The first step in creating an ecosystem was developing the world’s smartest electric vehicle charger. ⚡️

Since then, Easee has grown from 3 to 500+ employees in several European countries, with the ambition of becoming one of the largest companies in green technology in Europe by 2026, and one of the largest in the world by 2031. 🏆 Easee exports to 23 countries in Europe and we won’t stop here!

Today, our story continues by developing innovative solutions for charging and power management technology, to provide an ecosystem that will give customers a seamless experience from A to Z. You may wonder how? By practicing the powerful vision of shaping the future of electricity and business culture. This means focusing both on developing scalable and future-orientated technology, while also setting an example for what a sustainable organization and people-focused business culture can be – one where values and employees come first, always! 💪


So, can we together make the world a better place?
We can promise that you will face challenges, but you will also feel empowerment, love, and acceptance. Easee is not for everyone. To become our Partner Integration Success Engineer you must understand, recognize, and want to work for the vision and goals of Easee. This also means that you commit to working to become the best version of yourself. 💙

 PS: You may apply in German 💙

*All job advertisements are always directed at male, female and diverse applicants, regardless of age, gender, disability, origin, sexual orientation, religion or belief. Applicants are selected solely on the basis of qualifications.

Any questions? Please contact Tina Ledsaak

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The Easee Way

Caspar and Martin from the Culture department walking and hugging

People first

We set high goals and ambitions and we don’t take shortcuts. To get there we need highly skilled, empathetic people who thrive seeing others succeed and who want to actively work to become the best versions of themselves.

We live by the mantra ‘people first’ and this is reflected in everything we do and every decision we make. We chose to create an empowering workplace where employees will always feel seen and heard and where they have the freedom to truly be themselves. We judge not on experience, but on potential and often say that we are looking for personality, passion and skillset – in exactly that order!

This is how we play our part in shaping the future of business culture and making the world a better place.

Siri smiling and relaxing in a chair

Our values

We use our values to guide our day-to-day operations. This allows us to create a safe environment where we take care of each other and help each other grow.

Our values:

  • Love
  • Openness
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Vulnerability
  • Honesty
  • Humbleness
Easeetonians working together

Life as a new employee

We will give you the freedom to structure your workday however you like, so you can focus on the tasks that are the most important to you.

You will be part of a team of committed, passionate and talented people who are working together to achieve something big. These people want you to succeed.

We also know how important it is to take care of both mind and body which is why we offer a range of activities including training and meditation to provide breaks and replenishment. After all, it’s not just cars that need to recharge their batteries!

Get to know your Colleagues

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Short about Easee AS

Easee was created in January 2018 by three entrepreneurs with a powerful vision of shaping the power grid of the future while becoming a pioneer for what a modern corporate culture should be. We started by creating the world’s smartest charging robot for electric cars and are now working to offer our customers an entire ecosystem that will give them a seamless experience from A to Z.