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The amazing humans in the People department are here to ensure People First is always in our DNA. The People department consist of four teams; Employer Branding, Recruitment, Easee Academy and People Excellence.

Their goal is to inspire and attract the right people to their dream workplace, forsee, find and hire the right Easeetonians, facilitate love-driven learning and development worldwide, and last but not least unleash everyones full potential.



They are our Gatekeepers. Their mission is to foresee, find and hire the right Easeetonians.

Our recruiters strive to ensure unique and Easeefied recruitment processes where the candidate experience is the most important aspect. At the same time they also work continuously to create friction-free collaborations with team leaders from start to finish.

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Employer Branding

Our Employer Branding team consists of employer branding and recruitment marketing specialists. This bunch is on a mission to inspire and attract the right people to their dream workplace. The team work closely with the recruiters on open positions and with other departments, like Marketing and People Excellence, on all things Employer Branding-related.

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People Excellence

The standard is to call them the HR department. But there is nothing standard about this crew. Their vision is to unleash the full potential of Easeetonians by supporting, encouraging and developing our amazing people. Their door is always open, and they solve our issues in such a way that we can actually feel their love.

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Easee Academy

We are lucky enough to have a whole team of business coaches who work on both team and personal development for the entire organisation. Their mission is to facilitate love driven learning and development worldwide. They do it by giving coaching sessions, both on group and individual levels, and also through the development program Easee Academy. This is already a very special program designed to help all Easeetonians become the best version of themselves, but it is also a work in progress. At Easee Academy they are never finished, never done. Always moving and improving.

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People Collaboration

All departments are most likely in contact with the People department from time to time.

Whether it’s when they need help recruiting a new colleague, or because they’re working on creating the strongest team in the world, they know People will support them.

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  • Here at EASEE, everyone is themselves and that’s what makes the (global) team so special. Nobody has to play a role.

    Max Office Organizer
  • I am very lucky and proud to be part of Easee. At this company, I found a work culture with values that match my own. It is beyond amazing to be part of such a driven team, where there is no hierarchy and hence where every opinion is taken into consideration. Having the possibility to make a difference and being surrounded by inspiring people drive me to get full potential out of myself, every day.

    Nicky Employer Branding Specialist

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