Norway Where the journey began

Easee was officially started in 2018, in Norway. The three founders set their powerful vision of shaping the power grid of the future while becoming a pioneer for what a modern corporate culture should be. Since then, the amount of Easee employees and offices have grown. The first Easee office opened in Stavanger. As the company grew, the need for more space also did, and the headquarters are now located in Sandnes.

In 2021, Easee set their eyes on the Norwegian capital of Oslo – The Rebel U2 building. The intention was gathering ambitious, engaged and motivated developers in a place designed to inspire, while also keeping the professional and social aspects in focus.

The eyes were further set closer to the main suppliers and production partners which are located in the south east of Norway. In March 2022 the Tønsberg-office was opened, hiring employees from the Tønsberg/Horten-area to have a close connection to the sub-suppliers.

Office locations 3x

In Norway we have offices in Sandnes, Oslo and Tønsberg

Easeetonians in Norway 331x

We have 331 talented people working in Norway

Sold chargers in Norway 242k

We have sold over 242 chargers in Norway since 2018

Liters of pepsi max consumed 110m

In Norway we drink over 110 million liters of Pepsi Max each year

  • Picture of Easee HQ office

    Sandnes office

  • Inside the Rebel building

    Oslo office

What is it like working in Norway

Coming in to the halls in the Norway-offices, you are instantly greeted with a smile and filled with good energy to seize the day. Practicing values in the special culture while simultaneously producing innovative products and creating a wonderful user experience stands on the peak of our Easee Everest. We all have our dedicated roles, unique skills and traits, but the culture here enables us to work collaboratively and productively across the kilometres.

What our employees say

Portrait of Dawson
Portrait of Helene
  • Multiple people at Easee that I talked to during the interview process made it clear how important a healthy work culture is. The fact that it is stays a top priority at the company, from the top all the way to the bottom, is a testament to how seriously Easee takes its “people first” mantra. It’s a breath of fresh air coming from a previous employer in a country where the work-life balance is not as respected. And as a newcomer to the country of Norway, I have felt nothing but warmth and welcome by the friendly folks at the Oslo office

    Dawson Senior Cloud Developer
  • What I was looking for was a moral company that wanted to push the boundaries of what’s possible, and also had dedicated focus on building a vibrant culture and community. Easee aligned with my life purpose. I have always believed in the power of unity, and that creating relationships based on the beautiful balance of professionalism and friendship, of high performance and love, of efficiency and compassion…would create ever greater results. This is what we do in Easee, this is what we are proving. I am being nurtured and developed within a safe environment built on values, encouraged to both be the most authentic version of myself, and given the arena to practice it in action

    Mateen Business Coach
  • For me, as a local Stavanger girl, Easee has always been an interesting firm that I have followed from the start. The culture they have presented has been so exciting and interesting that I have wanted to work here for a long time. I feel like I have great opportunities and an exciting future here!

    Helene Recruitment Marketing Specialist

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