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Balancing tasks and responsibilities as a student in today’s high-tempo and modern society is not easy. If you put work on top of this, it can be even more challenging. But it doesn’t have to be, not according to students working in Easee. We are so fortunate to have collaboration on theses, wonderful summer interns and even students who are working part-time while finishing their studies.

Making sure you come into an inclusive, loving and productive environment both before and when you enter our office doors for the first time is a priority. We have developed a unique onboarding program to make sure that you feel welcome from the very first second.

Graduates Working in Easee

Once you have joined our team, the goal is for you to feel empowered in your work and our culture. You will receive trust and belief in your abilities from day one. We do not believe in inefficient and irrelevant work, which is why your tasks and projects will truly impact your squad and the company. We also know that it is important for students and graduates to recharge their batteries, and in Easee we feel that people are more productive when one has time for other arenas outside of work! Therefore, work-life balance is also an important part of the philosophy here.

What our employees say

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Our graduates in the woods
  • Having a smooth transition in to working life here before graduating has been great. I felt so welcome and belonging even though I was not a full-time employee here yet!

    Helena Recruitment Marketing Specialist
  • I received a lot of amazing and expensive equipment when I wrote my master thesis here. It was really cool that they trusted me with it, and that they had faith in me!

    Trym Embedded Software Developer
  • In Easee we are passionate about work-life balance. This has therefore been an amazing place to work part-time while studying!

    Hedda Recruiter

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