When you think of Sweden, the first things that come to mind are perhaps ABBA, IKEA and maybe even Greta. It is an iconic land full of cultural and economic influences that reverberate worldwide. It is also one of our Scandinavian neighbours and a key area of growth in the sustainable transport market.

Sweden and the green shift

In recent years, the focus on how we can live a more sustainable life in recognition of the threats to our planet has been ever growing. Figures such as Greta Thunberg have helped to drive this environmentalism to the forefront, particularly in her home country, Sweden.

In Sweden, electric vehicles, international rail travel and active transport are establishing themselves as norms in the way people approach travel. It is with this context that we can view the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles and the charging solutions that make them an attractive choice for drivers.

EFUEL – our partners on the ground

Rasmus Bender, EFUEL CEO, Joakim Billistrand, EFUEL CMO, and Daniel Magnusson, EFUEL CCO

EFUEL, our partner in Sweden since 2019, is making sure that drivers have access to the support they need to join this journey towards a more sustainable future. Their services support customers from purchase to plug-in – allowing them to buy a product, connecting them with an expert electrician, and organising the installation. All that is left for the customer is to step outside and plug in!

It is these partnerships with local experts that make Easee products accessible to people across a range of countries. Through our trusted partners we have networks of charging experts at our fingertips and are closer to every one of our customers. In Sweden this is through EFUEL’s network of installer partners, one of the largest in the country. These skilled electricians install an Easee charger on average every half an hour.  

Magnus Hartwig, EFUEL partner electrician

Lifestyle – meeting the demands of both life and style  

By getting closer to our customers through our partners, we are together able to meet the needs and wants of a growing market. The outcomes of these partnerships are evident in locations across the globe, including at Anders Arnborger’s house, just outside Stockholm. Anders is one of EFUEL’s first customers and the installation at his home is a key location that means a lot to the company, according to CEO, Rasmus Bender.

Rasmus Bender, EFUEL CEO, and Anders Arnborger, homeowner

Anders’ home is a place where clean lines meet interesting curves which both blend and contrast against the landscape. A place where forward thinking design, meets nature and a comfortable ‘scandi’ way of living. This is a place that requires a special attention to detail, and that includes in the way it enables EV charging.

The Easee charger, installed here by EFUEL and its trusted partner electricians, fits seamlessly into the design of the house. With an installation that runs across wooden beams in the covered driveway, the charger merges in along with the geometric details of the property.

Anders Arborger, homeowner and Easee charger owner

Such thought out installations that are planned around both the design needs and technical requirements of customers are part of the tailored approach that EFUEL take to supplying Easee chargers. This means, that for people in Sweden, there is the option of a state-of-the-art charging solution that powers their lifestyles with ease and style. We hope that many more people will see this offering as a way to reimagine their approach to green travel, and that they may even get hooked too.

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