Here at Easee we love meeting new people and we will be at NTNU on March 16 to share our work within cloud technology. We hope to see you there and we can’t wait to meet you! In the meantime, we also have a graduate position available: Junior Cloud Developer

The strongest and best argument win, not the position or title

At Easee we like to aim high and set ourselves what others might think of as unattainable goals. Our vision is not only to change the future of electricity, but to revolutionize the workplace culture. We want to prove the idea that if you put people first – money will follow, and that respect, love, honesty, and trust are more than decals on our office walls – it is who we are and who we will remain. We are not content with offering only the main components of the modern workplace – like flexible work hours and an open and inclusive policy – we also want to change the way decisions are made in the office.

Our intention is to have as little hierarchy as possible, meaning that we always want the best argument to win regardless of the seniority of the person making it. The success of Easee is dependent on all employees feeling like they can speak up and that all voices will be heard. This is reflected in our daily lives by having weekly culture meetings where we join our closest colleagues in discussing relevant topics and sharing our thoughts.

To ensure we are always moving towards the goal in the most efficient and sustainable way, we are relying on having employees of all ages, genders, backgrounds and experience. Students and graduates play an integral part in our company’s success. We need the best ideas, and we need our colleagues to feel empowered to share them. This is why we’re “People First”. 

While we have every intention to be a world leader in workplace culture, we will also put the same focus into the quality of our products and the tools we use every day. Our teams will be empowered to be the best version of themselves whether it is by using the newest technology (you can read our case study from AWS here) or by making sure our choices are as sustainable as possible. In fact, we have our own team dedicated to sustainability and making the right choices for Easee and for Earth.