The rate of electric vehicle ownership is rapidly increasing, with Norway at the top with nearly 60 percent of all new vehicle sales being EVs. At the same time, most – if not all – automakers have committed to a steady transition from fossil fuel cars to EVs. 

The technology is constantly evolving, enabling vehicles to drive further and charge faster. While this is a healthy progress towards a greener future, it’s not without some serious challenges. Charging infrastructure and limits in the existing power grid will be some of the most crucial bottlenecks in the near future.  

In Easee, we are dedicated to overcoming these challenges. Our innovative products and software pave the way for the power grid of the future – a power grid that distributes energy more efficiently and utilizes existing capacity in the best possible way.  

Now, how about you and your software development skills?

So far, we have 200 000 EV-chargers online and connected to the cloud, and with a steady flow of 5000 new units connecting every week it’s safe to say we’re just getting started.  Now is the time for our cloud platform to accelerate and help us shape the future of electricity. 

Our charging robots and Equalizers send massive amounts of data to the Cloud every day. Our team of cloud developers turns this data into smarter ways of charging that reduce the load on the power grid. This will save the society and environment from unnecessary use of resources and contribute to a greener future. All services and solutions are built in our AWS-based cloud platform

Our platform doesn’t only carry our own products – it’s flexible and complex enough to allow our partners to integrate their solutions with the Easee Cloud, enabling them to both monitor and control our EV chargers through their own back-end systems.

We believe in empowered product teams. This is why our teams are built as cross-functional squads comprising of people with different skillsets – all working together towards a more sustainable future. We have squads working with energy managament, cloud platform, charging and installation experience, and many more. In Easee you will have the freedom to work autonomously with things that engange you, and allow you to become the best at what you do.

As Easee grows, you will too. Rapid growth means new challenges, new responsibilities, new roles and new team set-ups, so we are confident to promise you growth, challenges and a lot of fun in Easee.  

We’re looking for multiple people to join our growing teams, and you can find an overview of all our open roles here.

The future of Easeetonia

While the Easee of today might be best known as a successful EV charger manufacturer, every Easeetonian knows that this is just the beginning.

We’re known for our high ambitions, which is why we’re aiming to become one of the biggest greentech companies in Europe within the next 3-5 years, and one of the biggest on a global scale within 7-10 years.

Other companies might keep their plans in a vault, but in Easee we’re big fans of openness. Thats why we’ve released a video showcasing our technology roadmap: 

People first

To reach our goals we need the right people, and we need them to feel happy and at home. Every single day we strive to make Easee a place of kindness, fun, compassion, and happiness. We do not want our people to think of their job as just a way to get a paycheck (you will get those as well, of course), but a place where you can be yourself and work with things that make you happy.

We want you to look forward to every new day, and to be refreshed when you get home to your loved ones.

These values lay the foundation for our business culture, which can be summed up in a few words: People first – money follows.

“People first” means more than the many perks and freedoms you will find at Easee. People first can also mean passing on a potential supplier because they don’t match our values, or it can mean giving honest and compassionate feedback to your colleagues to enable them to become the best version of themselves.

Yeah, we know this might sound a bit fluffy, but that’s ok. Because it works. 

What do you do in Easee?

Everyday life of 4 Easeetonian developers

Leon Mwazange, IoT/Partner Integration Squad

I started out creating tools for our factories allowing them to connect our devices to the Cloud. On completion I moved to work on developing features, maintaining and operating OCPP – an industry standard protocol that defines how operators can control our chargers remotely. Today I’m an engineering manager across the IoT Squad and Partner Integration Squad, where I’m responsible for keeping our software teams happy and to make sure we create solutions that can scale to meet our company ambitions. This means I am a champion and advocate for our developers, making sure they are seen and heard, and that our engineering work is a lean mean software delivery machine.

Magnus Haugaasen, Cloud Platform Squad

I work in the Cloud Platform team, responsible for the overall AWS infrastructure in Easee. We are currently working to make sure that our AWS infrastructure can cope with the rapid growth of the company. I started in Easee when there was about 10K chargers online, and now I work with stuff at a scale that I have never seen before in my career and this is just the start.

Most of my days are spent architecting and scripting AWS infrastructure in Pulumi using TypeScript, analyzing logs and metrics in Data Dog, and helping our developer teams utilizing AWS in the best possible way.

Maryam Farzad, IoT Squad

I am a member of the IoT-squad and am mostly responsible for partner integration and OCPP maintenance. The demand is rapidly increasing in cloud computing, and as far as scalability is concerned, we try to make sure that new partners and operators experience a smooth and easy onboarding with Easee.

Some of the tasks I do on a day-to-day basis is database maintenance, development of RESTful web APIs, monitoring and management of deployed environments, and assisting in the development of cloud- and IoT-based solutions. 

Bjarte Skjørestad, Customer Excellence

I started out with our customer portal and API, where I developed more features and did overall improvement of the structure. This year I have mostly been focused on development of front-end features. This has evolved into a new specialised tool for support and troubleshooting, where the idea is to enable everyone that uses our products and services to be able to quickly and easily find or identify issues via self-service.

My philosophy is to always try and experiment with new features. It’s always better to break stuff early than waiting around for it to break later on.